We are a family of 2 adults and 12 loving maine coons living in a wonderful house in  Eskilstrup right outside Nørre Alslev in Falster, ( a small island in the south of Denmark ). We started breeding in 2002 and our goal is to breed healthy, gentle and loving maine coons. We chose maine coon because they are strong, social and has a wonderful temper and mind, and because it's a cat that goes fine with our family. All  cats are part of the family and share the whole house with us. They have a big fenced playground in the garden, where they love to be.

We are a registered cattery

 Our kittens will be at least 14 weeks old before leaving home,they will be vaccinated and chipped, and kittens for abroad will have rabiesvaccination ,passport and transfer. All kittens sold for pets will be spayed or neutered before they leave home.

Our breedingcats are tested for HCM 

Some of our offspring lives in Germany,Netherlands,Poland,Serbia,Norway,Schwitzerland, Sweden and Faroe Islands

Contact : tlf..: +45 54 40 07 67




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